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Tired of inconsistent mixes? Ready to get your desired sound all the time?

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We team up with artists & businesses to produce radio-ready songs to impress their audiences and fans through Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering services, and educational resources.


Our mission is to lift your production skills, brand image, and income up to a professional level by reaching your full creative potential. We want to become your one-stop music production education resource for everything music, branding, and business.

Our vision is to create and develop a passionate community that cares about producing high-quality music and content while generating life-changing income.


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"Your success is my success!"

Orlando D. Alvarez


After struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin for years, I finally decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities has turned into a communication tool to help other music producers and artists in their own paths.

This is why I created the Elisha Record Studio youtube channel, to help you achieve your musical dreams.



Your one-stop studio for every stage of the journey

Music Production


Years of experience and dedication to the art of music production. We offer you the best in audio enhancement, arrangement, and musicality through unmatched creativity.

Our love for music became our passion for pushing Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering to the limit. Check these free music production tutorials.


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The recording process is the critical foundation of a good song. Without a good capture of the essential components and parts of your music, you won’t have an outstanding final product to sell. 

We only record with the best equipment available to deliver outstanding and professional sound. Take a peek at how we do it.


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Mixing & Mastering


Make your mixes sound their absolute best. We care about each song like it’s our own and want nothing more than for you to be proud of the final product you’ve put so much time and effort into crafting.

We have the skills and experience to polish up any audio project so that you can be proud of what you’re presenting to your audience and fans.


Free Tutorials
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Annie Melik

Graphic Artist & Painter


Elisha Record Studio is the best! As an Independent artist, I can say it is the best experience to be able to work with Elisha Record Studio.

Orlando is an amazing producer and artist. I couldn’t be happier and more inspired with the music he created for my work.

If you are looking for the best audio solution for your work as an artist or as a business, I recommend you to contact Elisha Production and you won’t be disappointed.

Eduardo Norell

President at Norell Design


He communicates quickly and clearly. His knowledge of music clearly gives him an edge. Can’t ask for much more! I’ll be a return customer. His work sounds fantastic!!!

Elisha Records made everything sound smooth yet retained the dynamics and feel of the tracks. Really affordable rate. Highly Recommend!!!!

Valory Pierce

Actress & Voice Actor


Very professional, supportive, and real. Reassures and made me feel confident within my work and is very compassionate as well as knowledgeable within his field.

He goes out of his way to make sure everything is as it should be and gives helpful advice during recording sessions and always open to hear what I want in the track.

My future songs will definitely be produced by Elisha Record Studio.

Eric Taylor

Gospel Singer/Songwriter, and CEO of Voicetone Music LLC


Elisha Record Studio did an AWESOME JOB mastering my single and of course, this is the “go-to place” for a top-notch sound, Thanks Orlando.


Producer & Singer/Songwriter


Really awesome mastering engineer!!! Friendly and created a great result.

Joe Henkel

Video Producer


Working with the producer here was an incredible experience. They did incredible work and I’m thankful that I chose them!

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