This is my Story


Growing up in Cuba, I often wanted to play the drums and learn martial arts. After my mom and grandma conspired to get me away from judo classes against my father's wishes, they made a bet with him. If I managed to pass the exams for music school I would do that, if not, then judo it is... The rest is history.

I became a classically trained drummer and percussionist with over a decade now of experience not only playing with all sorts of musical ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to Jazz, Brass, and Latin bands but also Mixing and Mastering recordings in genres such as Afro-Cuban, Latin, Hip Hop, Trap, LoFi, R&B, Reggaeton, EDM, Pop, Gospel, and Orchestral/Cinematic. (I still love martial arts and have a katana to prove it.)

I found myself getting out of my comfort zone and helping artists and producers make radio-ready songs at their home studios via YouTube tutorials in English and Spanish, leading to becoming a full-time content creator and graphic designer.

Now I do video production, podcasts, and content for other businesses as well.

Loving the journey so far...