Why You Should Never EQ in Solo

eq mixing music production Aug 12, 2022


It’s common for people new to Mixing to think that the best way to practice their EQ is in Solo Mode but this is absolutely WRONG!

The solo mode is great for listening to what sounds good and what doesn’t, but when you’re just beginning to learn how to EQ, it’s better to listen to the mix as a whole.


Well, in Solo Mode, you’re listening to just one thing and that could lead to over-adjusting as you try to figure out what makes a certain sound that only exists in that particular track.

If you want to listen to a particular instrument and how interacts with the mix, you can use the mute button to mute and unmute that track. That way, you can really focus on how each sound interacts with the others in the song and if absolutely necessary to have it.

Solo Mode can be useful when you’re getting a handle on the structure of a certain track and when in need to really zoom in to clean with EQ a particular track and so forth, but remember to be aware of how each instrument fits into the whole of the song.


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